Ten Golden Rule Tenets

1. Remembering the Golden Rule will help you to be the first to offer a smile and a helping hand.

2. Look for what you share in common with others and how you can express kindness to all creation.

3. Recognize much human error arises from not knowing or ignoring truth, therefore do not pass on to others information you do not know to be true.

4. See the world as it is while striving to build a more just world through dedication to the Golden Rule.

5. It is appropriate to feel displeasure at the site of injustice. Mitigate such feelings by rededication to the Golden Rule and encouraging others to take the Pledge to follow the Golden Rule.

6. When overcome by feelings of anger or negativity, pause, inhale deeply several times until you remember your commitment to follow the Golden Rule.

7. It is a sign of strength not weakness to acknowledge your mistakes. Understand correcting personal mistakes aids in avoiding future missteps and every corrected mistake advances wisdom.

8. Strive to diminish human caused suffering by actively working to eradicate it by promoting widespread adoption of the Golden Rule.

9. In your assessment of others, separate their actions from their personhood.

10. Do not tempt others to succumb to cruelty by failing to remain steadfast to your Golden Rule Pledge.

Taking the Golden Rule Pledge brings the growing community of Golden Rulers closer to the day when we have the power to impact peace in the world. The Golden Rule is the best path to peace for all humanity!

Practicing the Tenets of the Golden Rule will help win victories for humanity!

Thank You!

Founder Golden Rule Advocacy

John H. McIntosh

To support the Advocacy’s efforts to encourage widespread adoption of the Golden Rule, please.

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