Advocacy is Born

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity”

Horace Mann

How the Golden Rule Advocacy Came To Be

Hello, I’m John McIntosh. That’s me back in the early eighties holding a fifth anniversary copy of my first successful publication What’s New Magazine. If you apply “old geezer” I have no grounds to protest. I’ve had an incredible journey and in spite of accepting Mr. Mann’s challenge years ago, I cannot really lay claim to winning victories for humanity.

This is especially disappointing because the dumb mistakes I’ve made in life could be considered “loses” for humanity. Additionally, I adopted “winning victories” as a personal goal nearly fifty years ago after first reading the Horace Mann quote shown above. Please don’t get me wrong, it is not that I have failed to do anything toward achieving that goal.

I talked my brother into performing a song I was inspired to write because of the Golden Rule. And I did after all create two guides to help encourage greater appreciation of the Golden Rule. I created these guides on the premise that if they led more of us to treat others as we wish to be treated that would surely be counted as a victory for humanity.

And with tens of thousands of copies already distributed the guides have enjoyed some success. But now that I clearly have many more days behind me then ahead, the fact that my accomplishments pale compared with the lofty goal I set many years ago weighs heavily on my heart. My goal was to somehow have an impact on world peace.

In retrospect, it was probably foolish to think I could win a truly meaningful victory all by myself. I was younger and more than a tad optimistic back then. I’m not making excuses, but it is difficult for an individual, working alone to win any kind of major victory for humanity. Sure, we can all win small victories by following the Golden Rule, by showing kindness and consideration to those we encounter in our daily lives. And that is very important. But back when I accepted Horace Mann’s challenge I really believed I could do something to increase world peace.

Unfortunately, unless our everyday economic needs have been taken care of by an industrious ancestor, life leaves little time for winning major victories for humanity. A majority of us devote most of our waking hours to keeping a roof over our heads, feeding and clothing ourselves and our loved ones, educating ourselves, and maintaining at least a modicum of physical fitness.

Additionally, we must do our civic duty to stay informed about the contemporary issues peculiar to our time in history. All of this takes time and that explains why, most of us working alone will likely leave this earthly domain never winning a significant victory for humanity.

It was the realization that an average person grappling with life’s myriad challenges is not likely to win a major victory for humanity that motivated me to create the Golden Rule Advocacy and a website where like-minded individuals can combine efforts and in so doing, increase the likelihood of winning major victories for humanity. “Strength in numbers” leverages individual efforts.

If you want to join this effort to win victories for humanity, a good place to start is to take the Golden Rule Pledge, i.e. to formally pledge to treat others as you wish to be treated.

Taking the pledge is always free!

Go a step further by encouraging others to take the Golden Rule Pledge. When enough like-minded individuals have taken the pledge our numbers could be significant enough to even contribute to world peace.

Suppose five, ten or more years go by and the community of Golden Rulers is a billion people strong. It is very possible I will not even be here to witness such an accomplishment but a force that strong could, for example petition the United Nations, The World Criminal Court and Governments worldwide to agree that killing other humans in the name of a deity is a crime against humanity. I cannot speak for you but that would seem to me a real victory for humanity.

I offer this as just one example of what a united community of Golden Rule Advocates (Golden Rulers, if you will) could accomplish. The sheer number of individuals standing together to oppose crimes against humanity and other injustices could not help but win victories for humanity.

And who knows, perhaps major victories for humanity could be won with far less than a billion people. There is one thing I do know, your participation here will contribute to the goal of winning victories for humanity. I hope you will see that potential and take the Pledge now.

Taking the pledge is always free 

To support the Advocacy’s efforts to encourage widespread adoption of the Golden Rule, please.

Thank You!

Founder Golden Rule Advocacy

John H. McIntosh